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Turnkey Secrets Revealed

The secrets that web developers don't want you to know.

I'll tell you where you can get 100's of turnkey websites to start your own online business website.
And Not just a bunch of templates either. I'm talking complete, full fledged business sites.

PLUS - This ebook includes resale rights. Resell this information for 100% profit!
I'm giving you you're first complete business and website right up front...

Look around Ebay and Websites that sell pre-made web businesses.  Did you ever wonder how these people are producing such high quality ebusinesses?

Well, I'm here to tell you it sure wasn't weeks of tedious work at the computer, and it wasn't high tech computers and software!

The truth is most of these sites are made in a matter of minutes. I have researched the internet and am letting you in on the secret. I have compiled a book that contains websites where you can gain access to hundreds of high profit templates and software to make these sites. You too can make thousands of dollars in your spare time.

After using this ebook you will have the knowledge to access hundreds of fully-automated, ready to go ebiz websites that you can make again and again, a million times over for your own personal use or to resell.

Not only will the book give you all the information you need to start your own dot com empire but it also provides you with pages of information on the best ways to market your new empire and hundreds of other FREE and low cost turnkey website opportunities.

And... keep reading. It contains a lot more than that!

Remember: When you purchase this program I give you access to your very own web page like this one where you can sell the ebook and keep 100% of the profits. That's right, full resale rights of this ebook. You can sell it over and over again and keep 100% of the profits. I even upgrade the ebook for free for life!


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From: Bob Turpen (
RE: Turnkey Secrets Revealed Ebook

Dear Friend,

I know it's difficult to start an online business and find a web site that is cost effective and profitable. How are people making thousands of dollars selling turnkey websites and operating these websites themselves?

I have spent thousands of hours researching these businesses and locating the source of these great sites.

I have compiled this ebook to show you where you can get all these biz sites and where you can get everything you need to promote and run your new internet empire.

What this program won't do:

1) Bore you with hundreds of "How I became a      millionaire in 2 days off the internet" stories.

2) Hound you with buy my "how you can become a millionaire in 2 days if you buy my book" statements.

3)Be filled with flashy pictures and false statements.

What this program will do:

1) Provide you with free turnkey website templates and software that you can download to use, sell, or both.

2) Show you where you can find tons of hot turnkey website businesses you can operate.

3) Show you where you can find some of the hottest turnkey websites you can create in minutes and sell for healthy profits on auctions such as ebay. Some of these sites have gone for over $700 each and were created by people with no web creation skills.

3) Show you where you can find FREE turnkey storefronts that can make you huge profits.

4) Provide you with some of the best  internet marketing tools to promote your new website.

5) Save you thousands of hours and dollars trying to find the perfect internet businesses. I have listed and created the best businesses right here in this program.

Included in this program you will find the following and much more:

Access to Simple Turnkey Website Creators
 How to access several sites and their 500+ ecommerce sites, with software to build these sites. Full resell rights for all the sites and more. Casino Sites, Travel Sites, Ebook Sites, Auction Sites, MEGA Portal Websites, Deal & Coupon Informers, Text Link Exchanges, Banner Exchanges, Online Auctions ,Photo Voting Websites, Pay Per Click Search Engines, Traffic Script Sales Websites ,Freelance Employment Websites, Website Hosting Sites ,e-Book Websites, Online Shopping Malls, Travel Websites, Domain Name Websites, Internet Pharmacies.

Some of these websites charge a small access fee to use their services but I can tell you people are making thousands of dollars each week using these same services.

Free Turnkey Website Businesses
Why pay for something when you can get it for free. I have compiled a list of some of the most profitable internet website businesses you can start for FREE. If there is no investment there is no loss. These are sure money makers with a little promotion. Start an online shopping mall, Telecom web business, hosting reseller business, online casinos and more all for free! Turn-Key Reseller Hosting Solution - #3

You can even download some of the already stocked and ready to sell turnkey website businesses that I had professionally built. All you have to do is add a logo to the template, get online, and you are ready to sell. Lava Lamp sites, submission sites, appraisal sites, hosting sites, software sites, and more. ( or, of course, keep them for yourself )

Online Shopping Malls

Open your own internet shopping mall for next to nothing and be able to sell thousands of different products to anyone in the world. Online shopping is becoming one of the most accepted practices in the world and you can have your own shopping mall without ever having to touch a product. These companies have made it easy to open your own shopping mall in minutes and start making money almost instantly.

Promoting your site.
Get access to our promotion section that gives you pages of submission and promotion tips. Not only do we show you how to promote your site, we show you where to get all the software for promoting your site for FREE!

Banner Creation Software
This program contains some of the best free banner creation software links available on the internet.

Other turnkey businesses
You will also find information to some of the best turnkey web designers and their sites. You can choose to purchase a pre-made business from them if you want everything handled for you.

Adult Turnkey Businesses
Some of the best adult turnkey websites you can own. You will have access to some free adult websites you can start up. No set up fees, no hosting fees, nothing but profit!

How to build some of the hottest websites that are selling for hundreds of dollars on ebay for almost nothing and in 15 minutes!

We have reviewed ebay and numerous other sites where websites are being sold and found some of the easiest, quickest, and cheapest websites that are being built on almost a daily basis. In this section we will show you how to build these websites in a matter of minutes and for only a couple of dollars. These same websites are selling for hundreds of dollars and will cost you a fraction of that!

Drop Ship Directory      !! HOT !!

If you want to sell something different we have compiled a list of some of the best drop shippers. A directory of companies who will drop ship 100,000+ products you can sell on the web - there are descriptions of each company, what products they supply & a link to their websites.

Turnkey Secrets Website and Full Resale Rights
Get a copy of THIS web page so you can start selling 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' INSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLY!  Keep 100% of the profits each time you sell the program from your new site!

Nowhere else will you find so much high-demand information in one downloadable collection.

This is a completely new 2003 program with all up to date information. This program is not sold in packages with others and is not information you have seen in the past.

But that's just half the story because, if you order today...

Think about this for a moment...

In just a few minutes time YOU can be selling
THIS EXACT Package on YOUR Website!

I'll even give you a copy of THIS web page so you can start selling 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' INSTANTLY and EFFORTLESSLY!

I'll also give you complete instructions on how to get started. Even if you are brand new to the web business you can be up and selling quickly!

Don't delay. This offer is bound to make you money. Once you sell just one copy of 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' you've recovered your investment.

And lets not forget...

With 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' You

Here's how it works...

When you complete your order, you'll be directed to the download page where there's just one small file to download. This file contains the program, inside the program will be the link and instructions on how to get your website just like this one.


And Now for the BEST
Part of ALL...

Your Investment is Backed by My
100% GUARANTEE of Satisfaction

Your Investment is 100% GuaranteedSo Download in complete confidence.

You have a full 30 day money back guarantee.



Why Delay. Get your 100% risk-free copy right now, and start your internet empire today.

Let's Do a Recap.
Here's What You Get in the
'Turnkey Websites Revealed' Package...

A HUGE Collection of the best turnkey business websites on the web
The 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' program is so complete and so up-to-date it's unrivaled anywhere on the Internet.

Complete MASTER RESALE RIGHTS to 'Turnkey websites Revealed'
You'll get this professionally made webpage that is designed for maximum sales. It takes just minutes to get started and I've included complete instructions. Every copy of 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' you sell from your site you keep 100% of the profits.

FREE, Upgrades for Life!
You can always get the latest and most up to date 'Turnkey Websites Revealed' program.

A HUGE Selection of Useful Tools for Yourself.
Remember, this is not just about making a massive income as a reseller. You will also be able to make huge profits running your own internet empire with all the knowledge and resources we provide in this program.

I never had anyone to show me how the big sellers on ebay and website sales sites were making all the money. I made my financial mistakes and created this book to show you how to become a successful internet entrepreneur without making those costly mistakes.

So what are you waiting for? Order this unique package now. You'll gain immediate access to this powerful program and be on your way to financial freedom!

The following was just added to the book as of May 2003.

Download several drop ship website templates directly from the program. We have developed some royalty free turnkey web templates that are already loaded with products for you to sell. Just download the templates from the program, put your information in the site, load the site to your favorite host, and start selling high quality products and services such as submissions, lava lamps, hosting, domain appraisal sites with software, and more. All these templates are free for you to use or resell once you purchase this PROGRAM!

Instant Download After payment!

Turnkey Secrets - Credit Card Orders - $14.95

Don't forget you get Master Resale Rights to 'Turnkey Secrets Revealed' and a copy of THIS SALES PAGE to use for yourself.

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